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I sometimes feel that abortion today has a parallel to slavery in Abraham Lincoln's day. Lincoln felt that the Civil War would run its course until every drop of unrequited blood drawn by the bondsman's lash would be repaid by one drawn by the sword. If Lincoln was right then might there be a similar unpaid cost for all those whose lives were cut short before they were even able to cry out. The argument that the foetus is not a child falls apart when we see the little heart beating and the child in the womb sucking it's thumb and yawning. We even operate on babies in the womb to save their lives. If ever there was an issue that I would pray that my liberal and progressive brothers and sisters would join me on, it would be abortion. Lest we also find ourselves paying for those little unrequited lives. 


The Second Amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. But it also says a well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state... some people think that the National Guard is the militia. I think the Melissa is more than that. Citizens must be armed in order to check their government. So the bottom line is that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Infringed is a pretty clear word. That really means the people are allowed to carry even military weapons. Oftentimes well meaning people believe that fewer guns means less crime. Hence the title of the book more guns less crime. The authors of that book initially thought that if there were fewer guns in America there would be less crime. The authors careful research clearly showed that where there are more guns there is less crime.


Article 5 of The United States Constitution simply says that the Congress....on the application of the legislature's of two-thirds of the several States shall call a convention.... the Constitution is silent on how the delegates will be chosen and so much more. Chief justice Antonin Scalia never wanted to have a constitutional convention. He said no one knew what would come out of it. Proponents of a constitutional convention or an article 5 convention say that the delegates would be bound to the creation of amendments only. And that the amendments would have no efficacy until the states ratified them. But the only precedent that we have for constitutional conventions is the one in 1787 in Philadelphia that scrapped the existing constitution at that time and produced the miraculous constitution that has graced America for almost 250 years. But that was a different time. The men that attended that convention were some of the most Godly men on the planet. Those men had just prayed their way through a war with the most powerful Nation on Earth. George Washington had made a covenant with God in order to procure the blessings of Heaven. Those men were dedicated to freedom. Many of George Washington's men wanted him to become king. He had the Army to become king had he wanted.

James Madison the father of the constitution said, "Whatever may be the judgement pronounced on the competency of the architects of the constitution or whatever maybe the destiny of the edifice prepared by them, I feel it a duty to express my profound and solemn conviction...that there never was an assembly of men charged with a great and arduous trust who were more pure in there motives  or more exclusively devoted to the object committed to them than were the members of the federal convention of 1787 to the object of devising and proposing a constitutional system which should ... best secure the permanent liberty and happiness of their country". 

I'm not seeing such a dedication to protecting the freedoms of others by those in power today. 


Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that the federal government must provide for health care. The Federal Governments job is to provide us the freedom to provide for ourselves. Utopia sounds so appealing. The Affordable Care Act promised two important things: number one, coverage for everyone and number two, lower healthcare costs. Forced Healthcare is another great example of government outside of its proper role. Under the Affordable Care Act costs have doubled for Citizens and more than doubled for employers. And the percentage of people without health insurance has increased. How could that be? Part of the reason is that while we were paying for healthcare before now we are paying for healthcare and government bureaucracy. The ultimate answer is a return to the constitution and the elimination of ACA.  But most people will be too frightened to do that. We have become so accustomed to the idea that without the government safety net we will be running naked. The truth is that freedom is always much more affordable than force. So in the short term just making cross-border insurance more available will increase competition and lower prices. Second, mandates and fines always mean higher prices, less quality and enslavement. We must get rid of mandates. We also van give tax credits to those who purchase policies with cash. And allow individuals to use savings accounts for sickness without being taxed. 


It is clear that senators and congressmen compromise their standards the longer they are in office. I favour limiting the Senate and House to one or two terms. I actually feel that it is unfair for these men to be asked to endure continuous temptation for long periods. Lord Acton said: power corrupts absolute Power corrupts absolutely.


I would like to see Utah be the first to return to the spirit of the 17th amendment. Ad a senator I could encourage that legislation. it was started long ago  and it needs to be started once again. The framers of the constitution wanted to have the state legislatures interests protected at the federal level. Therefore senators were selected by the legislators of the States. The 17th amendment changed. We lost one of our very important checks. Senators were no longer selected by the states but they were selected exactly the same way that the House of Representatives were selected. 


Common Core is a good example of federal overreach. Nothing in the Constitution allows the federal government to control education in the states. Now thatCommon Core is in place it is extremely unpopular. Everyone realizes  it is  extremely counterproductive  in teaching our children. But when Utah improperly reached its hand out for a chance to receive common core money, Utah was required to enter into contracts which now the federal government claims Utah is unable to withdraw from without enormous penalties. To add insult to injury Utah never did receive any of the Common Core funds. Our officials are buying into the presumption that we cannot renegotiate these contracts. But we can and it is important that we do.


Most people have come to the conclusion that the national debt 

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About Brian


Brian was raised 6 of 7 children on a ranch out in the open countryside of Southern, Utah. His father a hard working manager, rancher and electrician, his mother an avid church goer and entrepreneur. As a sensitive, observant and intelligent child, he learned a love of nature that he carries with him today. He marvels at the color of a sunset and expresses child-like awe and wonder at the sight of a deer that appears in the field. He’ll regularly stop his car while traveling in the country to pick a bunch of alfalfa, then take it home and enjoy cooking it for dinner.  He revels at the idea of living out in the open space away from government regulation and packed housing.  He loves children.  He can’t resist holding an infants hand and smiling and connects warmly with children wherever he goes. I witnessed a young blond haired girl at church rush up to him, look up in his face with a beaming smile and exclaim, “He was my home teacher!”

Brian eats butter from grass fed cows to stay free of hormones and pesticides, soaks his grains and seeds for better digestion, and makes his own water kefir and sourkraut. He’s an avid researcher . Natural health is one of the things he loves to learn about and put into practice.

But his greatest love, alongside spiritual pursuits, has long been the study of our Founding Fathers and the principles of freedom and the Constitution. Much like Lincoln, Brian could be seen as a child alone with a book a great deal of the time. Late at night or early in the morning he can still be found reading something like, The Other Eminent Men, and the next day exclaim how his mind expanded immensely because of the rich, godly world view of these men from long ago. He can quote from The Proper Role of Government by Ezra Taft Benson and is very familiar with principles from books such as, The 5000 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen. He puts a study of the Book of Mormon and praying to God as a serious priority and cherishes that time first thing most every day.  

He’s extremely bright, a creative innovator that can synthesize and process a myriad of inspired ideas  quickly to come up with solutions that never occur to most people.  

Besides these things, he is absolutely bold and firely when it comes to standing for truth and justice especially when it’s being trifled with.  Whether it’s his love of freedom,  compassion for the abuse when their freedom is disregarded, or both, I don’t know.  But this much I do know, nothing stops this man when he senses someone’s freedom is being taken or something is in the way of justice and god given rights to happiness.  

I have personally witnessed some very touching scenes that have taught me this.  This past June Brian  

learned of injustices that threatened Orem businesses,  many businesses were listed as disposable by the city, and one that was unable to get bank assistance because of this.  Seeing Hans Anderson was aware of this great injustice, and willing to stop it as mayor, Brian reached out to support him.  He spent days  going from business to business to inform the owners.  He dressed as Lincoln as part of a Honk and Wave, stood on a step stool were he was VERY visible and held a tall flag in the cross roads of a busy Orem intersection to wake people to the need for moral leadership in order to protect them from the city plans. 

Not only did he see business owners in jeopardy, but soon saw similar disregard for the people’s property rights as he viewed city plans to dramatically alter 100’s of homes down 2 major Orem streets  

to the point that their value and livability would be dramatically decreased. Three trailer courts were scheduled to be eliminated altogether for the sake of personal gain at tragic expense to the citizens.   After seeing the city paper work from Heidi Parish, and calling the city office to verify, he found out the removal plans for three trailer courts was beginning within a month of the call. Seeing hundreds of people would loose their home and very possibly not receive enough money to pay for a new one, Brian made a plan to again go door to door with a few other supporters to let each home owner know.  He printed the news on strips of paper and translated them into Spanish so the many Spanish speakers would not be taken off guard and know who was running for office who would stand up for their rights. Typical of Abe Lincoln Brian Jenkins, he called out to a group of nice looking teen boys in the trailer court, gathered them in a circle around him, put his hands on their shoulders, and in his friendly, cheery nature, lifted and encouraged them, then involved them in passing out notices to get the word out.  he’s a man who works with a heart for the common person at the local level.

The night of the city election gave me another opportunity to see Brian’s tenacity to stand for truth where other men don’t, and if so not so spontaneously without questioning the resistance he may get.  Brian had reason to believe the city votes had been tampered with. He called a county representative who would be involved with counting the votes and asked to go speak with him where the counting was taking place. He drove in the dark when most people were going to bed, went in and questioned the veracity of the vote. He didn't receive a clear answer and so demanded there be accountability. Fearless.

More to come...

Why Abraham Lincoln

It's His Passion...

His name is Brian Jenkins. In addition to his passion for freedom, he's also an actor and a speaker. And so he brings something unique as a Lincoln impersonator - he shares Lincoln's passion for freedom. A little over ten years ago, Brian ran for the United States Senate where he was defeated by the political juggernaut and power house, Orrin Hatch. He subsequently ran for United States house and for the powerful Utah Republican Party chair. Jenkins is familiar with the assertions about Lincoln as the president of Northern aggression - the man that stepped on the constitution and injured States rights. He believed the debunker's information regarding Lincoln being disingenuous in his desire to free the slaves. I also believed the debunker's information regarding Lincoln never having joined any church and not having a genuine love of God. Having studied his life extensively, he is always prepared to answer questions and engage in lively conversation respecting all these issues. He is equally comfortable engaging in impromptu conversations and interviews. And to the Delight of many audiences, he is a near exact replica of Abraham Lincoln. That is, he is quite possibly the most look-alike Lincoln on the planet today.

It's significant that Lincoln is the one bringing back the message. He stopped the ravages of slavery and preserved the unity of the nation. He promoted the cause of freedom regardless of the personal cost and intense public opposition. Even more than this, he gave his life for the cause of freedom. Lincoln not only saved freedom for America but for the whole earth. He said that this government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth. If he had not helped America remain united and free we could have become another divided Europe. There would have been no star of hope for the world to look to and hold on to. But he did, and we must maintain that light not only for the United States of America but for the world.

See https://brianforutah.wixsite.com/lincolnlives


Utah State Capital

March 15, 2018 - In an interview with Brian Craft (FoxNews14) while declaring his candidacy. 

Carbon County Convention

March 25, 2018 Carbon County Convention and Lincoln Dinner!

Salt Lake City

March 30, 2018 - March to Protect Children from Abuse and Stop Child Trafficking.

Defending Utah

April 7, 2018 - Abe Lincoln Brian Jenkins spoke on Ktalk's "Defending Utah" this last Saturday, exposing party fraud and urging citizens to educate themselves on the need for a verifiable vote.

Today, April 14th is the Anniversary of Lincoln's Death

And who did Abe meet at the Cache County Convention...but Mr. Booth the Convention Chair!

April 14, 2018 Weber Convention

April 14, 2018 Weber Convention

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